We're celebrating our animal friends who are differently abled, and differently beautiful. Those who stand out from the crowd - because that just makes them OUTSTANDING! Whether it's a cat with hydrocephalus, a blind donkey, a rabbit walking with wheels, or a dog with a cleft lip - we want to put the Special into 'Special Needs' and celebrate animals who are wonderful just the way they are! It’s all about acceptance, having fun, celebrating our uniqueness - and SAVING LIVES!

Your entries and donate-to votes will help Road Dogs & Rescue rescue more 'special' dogs, and keep powering towards our goal of a sanctuary and healing centre.

Greatest Action Adventure Star

Greatest Action Adventure Star

Do you take your blind cat hiking? Or perhaps you have a three-legged goat who just loves to play soccer. Some animals just love to run, jump, climb and swim in the Great Outdoors – while others are action stars in their dreams! Either way, this one is for them!

This contest is open to animals that are differently abled, or differently beautiful.
 The focus is those affected by congenital issues, accidents or age so that we can celebrate animals who are usually more marginalized.
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Milly was adopted in the age of 3 month
in the weight of only 300 grams and severe health problems after owner left her in a wood box.
she lost her eyes due to catarct and glaucoma but she is ... read more

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Mr Popeye in his aviator costume at Oktoberfest this past weekend

311 Votes

Maia was found with one of her legs cut off and the other smashed beyond repair, but she doesn’t let her disability slow her down…
She loves to hike, run, ski and swim…Maia is unstoppable!!

1129 Votes

Kongo  was born with a congenital issue which made the ligaments very tight on his back legs. He could not walk properly.  Surgery helped and now he swims weekly to keep him more mobile.  He is loved and happy.

26 Votes


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  • Entry period is October 1st, 2019 - November 15th, 2019.


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*Volunteers, staff & foster parents of Road Dogs and Rescue are welcome to participate in the contest, but are not elligible to win any prizes.