Fanciest Fancy Pants and Bad Ass Bling

Fanciest Fancy Pants and Bad Ass Bling

This is for our fabulous animals who have leg casts, use a cart, wear a diaper etc, or simply dress to impress! Why not accessorize that cart, get some rhinestones on that diaper cover and celebrate their fanciness!

This contest is open to animals that are differently abled, or differently beautiful.
 The focus is those affected by congenital issues, accidents or age so that we can celebrate animals who are usually more marginalized.
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Contest Ended


Popeye, the indomitable rescue dachshund, in his matching sweatshirt and bow tie with collar

30 Votes

Dressed up and ready to party with my champagne glass! Outfit and toy compliments of BarkBox.

4 Votes

Maggie was born with a birth defect that left her incontinent. We rescued her from a terrible situation but with a lot of medical attention, diapers and love we had an amazing life together.

7 Votes

There’s no stopping Teddy Fotheringham Tricks and Lila Lunaskye

25 Votes