Snorts: The tiny 7lb Boston Terrier!

Kyia (aka: Snorts) was born 10/18/10 and was so small she was never expected to make it. It was surprising that she was still alive at 9 weeks old when I got her- weighing only 1 pound.
She had no teeth until she was about 10 months old, her “soft spot” on her head finally closed at 1 year old and when she was spayed, her vet said he’d never seen anything so underdeveloped. Around 9 months old and 6 pounds she was finally cleared that she should be just fine.
Kyia started hiking VT’s Green Mountains around age 1 1/2. I put her down to go to the bathroom and she decided to hike up Mt. Mansfield to the top. To date, she’s hiked almost 450 miles all by herself.
She’ll be 9 soon but she is just as energetic and playful as the day I brought her home. And she still only weighs 7 pounds!

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Instagram User Name: @the_adventures_of_snorts



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