My Name Is Ricky-Bobby…

Ricky-Bobby is a chihuahua mix that has been with his family since birth. He’s about three years old; and has puppies about a year old. When those puppies caught the scent of a coyote and went after it, he knew he had to stop them.

Ricky-Bobby ran for three day, leading the coyote away from his family and then running from it. He survived 100°+ weather, a lightning storm, and returned home entirely unscathed—but his back legs didn’t work. Nobody knows why; the vet couldn’t tell why, but he’s healthy and he runs and runs and runs. Life might have gotten tough for a bit, and then different, but he never stops smiling and he NEVER stops running. His favorite thing is “appa” (“apples and all other fruit”) and he will “sit and beg” in his wheelchair for pets.

Additional Information

Instagram User Name: Ricky_Bobby_On_Wheels



2 thoughts on “My Name Is Ricky-Bobby…”

  1. He did find his puppies, Leah! He sent them home to us (we were out searching the woods) within thirty minutes. They were a bit scared (that would shake when left alone, etc.) but the second we got the phone call that Ricky was found and we picked him up and got him home, they were super excited to see him again.

    If you look at his instagram, you’ll see some photos of him and the two puppies that ran off (Enoch and Tobias). 🙂

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