We're celebrating our animal friends who are differently abled, and differently beautiful. Those who stand out from the crowd - because that just makes them OUTSTANDING! Whether it's a cat with hydrocephalus, a blind donkey, a rabbit walking with wheels, or a dog with a cleft lip - we want to put the Special into 'Special Needs' and celebrate animals who are wonderful just the way they are! It’s all about acceptance, having fun, celebrating our uniqueness - and SAVING LIVES!

Your entries and donate-to votes will help Road Dogs & Rescue rescue more 'special' dogs, and keep powering towards our goal of a sanctuary and healing centre.

Maia -The Unstoppable!

Maia was found with one of her legs cut off and the other smashed beyond repair, but she doesn’t let her disability slow her down...
She loves to hike, run, ski and swim...Maia is unstoppable!!

Additional Information

Instagram User Name: @2leggedmaia



51 thoughts on “Maia -The Unstoppable!”

  1. Maia is nothing but an inspiration to humans and animals as well. She is a strong, intelligent and such a beauty, she deserves everything this world has to offer her!

  2. I love Maia so much she has shown bravery, and love ❤️ and worked hard in advocating for all animals.!!
    She is an inspiration to so many.!! She is a very special & sweet girl with so much love to give.!!!!❤️‼️ Go Maia the Unstoppable.!!!

    1. Maia you deserve to win I just
      Voted again for you.!!
      You are strong and a wonderful advocate for animals.!! We Love you Good Luck Sweetheart.!!!♥️ We are cheering for you .!!!
      Rah Rah you’ll go far Maia you are a Star ⭐️ always

    1. Maia is as sweet as she is courageous and inspiring! We are thankful to know her and be able to visit with her when we are in town. She thrives because she is surrounded by love every day by a great family, and with that kind of love, she can do anything! The sky’s the limit! ❤

  3. Maia is one of the most amazing advocates I know ♥️ She is an incredible loving soul and I love her dearly ♥️♥️♥️

    1. Peanut Butter & Jelly Bean

      Maia is a superhero! She is a survivor and warrior and her dedication to animal causes make her and inspiration to all! We are honored to be friends!

  4. Maia is such an inspiration. She is such a strong willed lil lady, who brings much joy to lots of people. GO MAIA THE UNSTOPPABLE!!! Sending lots of love

  5. Tina W (Rubs&Nugs)

    We love and admire beautiful and completely unstoppable Maia!! She is always positive and brave as she does her therapy to help keep her strong and healthy. It’s easy to vote for gorgeous Maia who is not only an advocate to stop cruelty to animals but an inspiration to anyone that meets or knows her. We love you Maia ❤️

  6. Maia truly is unstoppable. She’s an inspiration to all even us humans. We can def learn from her. Love you Maia.

  7. Suzy (Blue’s mommers)

    Maia is a WARRIOR!! There’s NO ONE I have EVER known, animal or human, who could have suffered through what she did, and championed through it the way she did!! She is THE ONE AND ONLY of her kind, & there is nothing can get in the way of her mission to make sure her fellow species are treated with decency, kindness, respect & love. Maia is our SuperHero girl, just doing what’s right, & living her best life! ❤️

  8. We love ❤️ you sweet Maia! You are such an inspiration to all. Keep on reaching for the stars! We love you and your family’s dedication and determination to help the helpless and be a voice to those in need! ❌⭕️❌⭕️
    Love Chloe and Gia

  9. Maia is a superwoman, truly unstoppable❤️

    We love you , Maia❤️ Vote for sweet Maia , please

    LOVE, Violet and Nami

  10. Maia, we love your amazing spirit, generosity and kindness. We consider ourselves very fortunate to be your friends!

  11. Maia we love you what an amazing pup you are! Such courage after much suffering, you share your love to inspire us all. Bless you Maia!
    Love Gabby Welshie and her Mum, in Melbourne

  12. Morgan from Mk my insta- Paris France

    I had the great pleasure to meet Maia last feb in LA. She’s a warrior and I agree that nothing can stop her. She always work hard to overpass her limits so she deserves to be “elected”. She is a very good example for humans, to show how to go on and never stop dreaming.

  13. Maia is the most inspiring warrior because never does she let her disability slow her down from being the feisty adventurer she is!!

    “Maia is the most bwave and beautiful Giwlfwiend a boy could evew have! ❤️” -Churro the Chiweenie

  14. Maia has the most beautiful name of any dog ever, and she is the very bravest girl!!! I admire her adventurous spirit, her perseverance, her spunkiness and I give two paws up for the way she bosses all the other dogs around. Except for Churo that is. She bosses him with her love. I love you, Maia.

  15. Maia es una inspiración de fuerza voluntad valentia y con un gran corazón.los humanos deberiamos aprender de ella, destaco su lucha por defender los derechos de los animales.
    Maia es un angel caido del cielo con mucho amor y felicidad para transmitir.hermosa valiente fuerte…

  16. MAIA IS MY FRIEND! She and I will both go on a biting spree if she doesn’t win! Lol ok I’m joking! Maia is the most beautiful and intelligent and strong pupper with 2 legs ever! NOTHING STOPS that girl! ❤️

  17. Maia is one of the most amazing pups I know. Her tenacity and love of challenge and adventure are truly inspirational. Nothing can deter this wonder pup from reaching for the stars! ⭐️ She is truly unstoppable and such a happy and positive influence on all that have met her! Go Maia! Love PinkFrankieDach

  18. Maia, you and your family are such an inspiration. After everything you have been through you continue to look out for other puppies in need. Good luck my wonderful friend. Noodlelegsmax

  19. Maia is not only an advocate for animal rights, she’s also one of the strongest role models I know. She uses her platform on Instagram to help pups in need, educates and creates awareness, and is a respected member of the pet community. She’s an inspiration to us all!
    I love Maia!

  20. We love you so much Maia, you inspire so many every day. Thank you for sharing your adventures with us! Your a hero to us already.

    ❤️ Jack and family

  21. Theo The Poodle Boy

    Maia, u r an inspiration to us all! We r all rooting for you!

    All my best,
    Your friend Theo

  22. Maia is an incredible inspiration to so many. Her fiery spirit and zest for life leave no room for pity. She never lets her disability get in the way of having fun, brining joy, and getting out there and seizing the day, every day! I just love her and she lifts my spirits with every post.

    Love you girl!

    Christine Mullis & Samson, the Newfie

  23. Jennifer Harmon

    Maia is not only an unbelievably strong fighter to get through what she’s been through- BUT still has enough strength to be a constant fighter and advocate for other animals !!! We love how much she is always doing so much to help other animals! She is such an inspiration of perseverance and adaptability!!!

  24. Maia is one of my besties. The support we got from her and her Hoomans when Saga died was the best. Always looking to help others in need and is a true advocate for both abused and disabled animals. She should be on the big TV shows like Ellen. You can get better that this. ❤❤❤ love you Maia

  25. Maia is a tough gal and an inspiration. She has travelled the world and conquers everything that comes her way. I am proud to call her my furiend

  26. Hendrix and Prince

    Go Maia, cant wait to see videos of big day.
    You are an inspiration to us here in Australia, and your parents are amazing.
    Adore you sweet girl

    xx Hendrix and Prince xx

  27. You are a total inspiration Maia. Although I voted for you my votes are for all the differently abled dogs. Thank you for raising awareness for all these pups.

  28. Millie time 5 Harmon

    Best of luck Maia!! You are a true fighter and an inspiration for everyone to get more involved in the causes that matter to them!!!

  29. Rebecca Wooldridge

    Maia represents bravery, resilience, strength, beauty and through her parents is an advocate for all animals. Vote Maia

  30. Maia is such an inspirational little girl! You and your family are the face of bravery!
    @breckindoodle.17 wishes you the best of everything forever, and hope you win!! ❣️ You have our vote! Maia strong!

  31. Maia is incredible! Beautiful inside and out, she is an inspiration and one of the sweetest doggies I know ❤️❤️❤️

  32. Maia is truly an amazing and inspiring little soul. She and her family are truly fighters for animals rights, and their kindness and support to everyone who needs them is so genuine and honest that if I could I would move mountains for this little girl and her family too, I love her with all my heart

  33. MAIA is a true inspiration to dogs and humans alike. This brave little girl has gone above and beyond in this life and continues to encourage, motivate and inspire everyone around her. We love you Maia

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