Jackson is a two year old Blue Fawn French Bulldog with so much spunk and love to give! He grew up in the boogey down Bronx, New York and spends most of his time walking the streets and touching hearts with his big green eyes and frenchy kisses! Not too long after his first birthday, he had an immediate unexpected battle with IVDD, commonly referred to as Spinal Disease or Herniated Discs in his lower back. It required an immediate intense surgery, but he literally WALKED out of the lengthy procedure. We always knew Jax was a warrior, however this proved our theory even more. While on strict bed rest with limited movement allowed, Jax became very painful and just eight weeks later- had a series of new herniated discs in a different portion of his back. He required another lengthy, intense surgery. Once again, he literally walked out of it! Between this time in October and up until May, Jax celebrated his second birthday and shared many beautiful moments with his family. On May 23, after a calm day at home, Jax went from eating his dinner to dropping on the floor within minutes. He was no longer able to walk. After a thorough exam with his specialty team of Neurologists, it was concluded that Jax would need a third IVDD surgery and had herniated a new set of discs. This time around, it was more severe and took away his ability to use his back legs and control going to the bathroom on his own. Jax went through surgery number 3 and spent two weeks in the hospital without any capability of walking. Jax learned how to use his wheelchair and captured many hearts while doing so- always with big bright eyes and a doggy smile while rollin’ around! Not to mention, his cute little diapers he wears on a daily basis. From May until September, Jax began intense Physical Therapy and also became the rehab rockstar, stealing many hearts with his spunky personality and characteristics. On September 4, he graduated rehab and broke hearts by not being a frequent patient anymore in the program. Two hours after graduation, he was re- admitted into the hospital for an IVDD flare up, this time in his neck. We managed the pain with medication and strict rest. The course of medicines worked to alleviate the pains however set him back a notch from the hard work he’d accomplished while in the rehab program. Here we are now- slowly moving forward on our journey with IVDD and continuing our story as take it day by day, one little step at a time!

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