We're celebrating our animal friends who are differently abled, and differently beautiful. Those who stand out from the crowd - because that just makes them OUTSTANDING! Whether it's a cat with hydrocephalus, a blind donkey, a rabbit walking with wheels, or a dog with a cleft lip - we want to put the Special into 'Special Needs' and celebrate animals who are wonderful just the way they are! It’s all about acceptance, having fun, celebrating our uniqueness - and SAVING LIVES!

Your entries and donate-to votes will help Road Dogs & Rescue rescue more 'special' dogs, and keep powering towards our goal of a sanctuary and healing centre.

Ain’t No Stopping Me

Ain’t No Stopping Me

Whether your animal has survived against the odds, defies limitations to live each day to the fullest, or simply brings happiness and joy to everyone, Ain’t No Stopping Me is all about being inspiringly unstoppable!

This contest is open to animals that are differently abled, or differently beautiful.
 The focus is those affected by congenital issues, accidents or age so that we can celebrate animals who are usually more marginalized.
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Noodle is a 2 year old spinal cord injury survivor. She was found paralyzed on the road but rescued and now nothing stops her. She will charge after a frisbee on land, water and snow.

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Senior, paralyzed mini dachshund

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Lyla was born at a puppy mill and dumped at a vet office because she is visually impaired. She was taken from her mom and litter mates at just 5 weeks old because they had no use for her since ... read more

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Cantu was born paralyzed, he lets NOTHING stop him specially when he is trying to get comfortable! He needs every blanket around him – my sweet boy let’s nothing stop him!

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Owen the Frenchie is ecstatic as he runs around playing for the first time in 3 months since becoming paralyzed in his rear.

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She may be paralyzed, but does not stop her from eating! She gets really excited when you ask if she is hungry. She is a joy and a inspiration for my husband who suffered a Stroke in 2014. Gertie was ... read more

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Jackson is a two year old Blue Fawn French Bulldog with so much spunk and love to give! He grew up in the boogey down Bronx, New York and spends most of his time walking the streets and touching hearts ... read more

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Piglet is a double dapple doxie chihuahua mix rescued from a hoarding situation in Georgia. He is a feisty active tiny pink dog who faces his challenges with a positive attitude. He can’t see and he can’t hear, but he ... read more

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Oliver is an energetic Frenchie that became paralyzed after a bad jump on a bed. He now uses a wheelchair just like his Mom does who coaches a kids wheelchair basketball team. Look at those skills Oliver has!

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You never know when a two legged dog will run out of nowhere and snatch the rooster.

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Moby has Cerebellar Hypoplasia and loves running in the snow! ♥️❄️

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Pixie is a Frenchie with IVDD. Her wheels help her navigate rough terrain and don’t slow her down one bit! She is the sweetest dog. Nothing stops Pixie!

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*Volunteers, staff & foster parents of Road Dogs and Rescue are welcome to participate in the contest, but are not elligible to win any prizes.